Chief Pilot Services

The chief pilot of a world-class aircraft management company is more than just a hotshot pilot.

Regulatory and crew requirements can keep airplanes on the ground. If the aircraft is not managed properly, it can cost the owner significant sums in fines. Elite Air's chief pilot ensures everything about its owners' aircraft and crew are in compliance with FAA regs.


Elite Air's chief pilot works closely with the director of operations and safety officer to ensure the aircraft and aircrews in its fleet are airworthy. Specifically, the chief pilot:

  • Supervises the screening, selecting and monitoring of captain and first officer candidates.
  • Accomplishes performance appraisals, providing feedback to pilots and dispatch and taking corrective or developmental actions when required. 
  • Assigns and supervises the duties of flight and ground personnel.
  • Manages the overall operation of the aviation department.
  • Coordinates aircraft maintenance with flight scheduling.
  • Stays abreast of changes in federal and local flight regulations.
  • Works with the safety officer to implement the safety management system (SMS).

This webcast describes the role of the chief pilot in an aircraft management company.