Elite Air Growing West Coast Presence

Elite Air has launched a charter fleet growth initiative on the West Coast in response to growing demand from brokers and direct charter customers.

“The West Coast continues to be one of the strongest areas for charter sales in the country, and we will continue to pursue as much opportunity in the region as possible,” Sales Director AJ Becker said.

The focus of the search is on midsize and super-midsize jets, though the Elite Air sales and marketing team is open to bringing anything from a light to a heavy jet onto the company’s 135 certificate to accomodate the skyrocketing demand for world-class charter organizations and their aircraft. So far, the growth initiative has included email campaigns and direct mail campaigns, and the response from owners and small operators has been positive.

“We’re finding a number of California-based jet owners that are very interested, and we expect to fill this demand vacuum in short order,” Communications Coordinator Shea Gibbs said.

“Needless to say, we will leave no stone unturned until we find the necessary aircraft, and we recommend that interested parties contact us immediately for consideration.”