New Fully Web-Based Dispatch System Raises Responsiveness

Elite Air has transitioned to a newer version of its scheduling and dispatch software that is externally hosted by the provider, making the tool more responsive, regardless of where in the world the company’s dispatchers are located.

The new system, BART Hosted, takes an already efficient, fully automated scheduler and provides users with secure internet-based access 24x7.

“We pride ourselves on being responsive to our customers anytime, anywhere,” Elite Air Sales Director AJ Becker said. “This system will only improve our ability to provide that valuable service.”

The system will now perform automatic software upgrades and data backups with no inputs required, meaning Elite Air will continue to be on the forefront of dispatch technology as older systems become obsolete.

The upgrade will also make the tablet computer and smart phone versions of the software more robust, adding features like live scheduling and actuals inputting. The text-based interface is specifically formatted for mobile devices, meaning pilots no longer need to sign in to a computer to see their current flight schedule, complete with information on crew, passengers, notes on each flight leg, and FBOs.