Elite Air Launches New Daily Availability Mailer

Sign up for Elite Air’s new daily availability mailer by emailing  charter@eliteair.com .

Sign up for Elite Air’s new daily availability mailer by emailing charter@eliteair.com.

Elite Air’s communications department has begun delivering a daily email update of charter availability to the industry’s leading brokers and charter customers. To be added to the distribution list, email charter@eliteair.com.

The new daily emailer was established in response to the growing number of airplanes in Elite Air’s fleet, according to company Communications Director Shea Gibbs.

“As our fleet of aircraft grows and gains in geographic footprint, we had to find a way to let people know where we were on a day-to-day basis,” Gibbs said. “The new e-newsletter offers at-a-glance information about our empty legs, transient aircraft and aircraft on the ground at home.”

In addition to the daily updates, Elite Air will offer other special offers, including empty legs that come up any time during the day, via the distribution list. Subscribers to the list can opt out at any time.

“If you are a broker and you’re not on this list, you’ll be a step slower to learn about our availability,” Elite Air Marketing Director AJ Becker said. “It’s really an easy call for anyone looking to get the best pricing from us.”