Elite Air Launches Personal Services Briefing

Elite Air has launched a new initiative aimed at improving the company’s already exemplary service record. In response to its growing numbers of crewmembers and from listening to feedback from charter and management customers, Elite Air has established a formal personal service briefing for all pilots and cabin servers.

The briefing is organized into four sections—Preparedness, Prior to Flight, During Flight and After Flight—and includes all personal services considerations, from proper uniform wear, to luggage management, to ingress and egress assistance, to in-flight conditions reports, to managing ground considerations for all customers upon arrival.

“We pride our pilots on their appearance and willingness to go the extra mile for each and every one of our customers,” Elite Air CEO Gray Gibbs said. “This initiative is intended as a refresher for our existing crew members and as an important part of our new pilots’ and cabin servers’ intiation programs.”

The personal services briefing spans about 45 minutes per session and includes a PowerPoint presentation and a take-home checklist for all attendees. The company began the briefings in the first quarter of 2015.