Light Jet Crew Added Due to Increased Demand

With charter demand increasing and four light jets currently in the Elite Air stable, the company has added two new crewmembers to ensure the Lear 31s and Beechjet 400 are ready to fly at a moment’s notice.

First Officer John Mead will be tasked with flying the 31s, and Josh Moore will be focused on the second seat in the Beechjet. Mead is already typed in the 31, with about 4,000 hours in the aircraft, and in rotation to fly. Moore, a certified flight instructor, completed school for the Beechjet late last year.

Elite Air CEO Gray Gibbs said both young pilots bring skill and enthusiasm to the job. Gibbs said a number of Elite Air’s best current and past charter pilots came to the company early in their careers.

“We’ve had some great young men and women join the team. Giving people their start is something I really like doing,” Gibbs said. “While some of those young pilots move on to jobs with the major airlines after they’ve been with us, I wish them nothing but the best.”