Free Wi-Fi Available on Legacy, Coming to Global

Elite Air will now be offering free wireless internet access on all flights in its Legacy 600, thanks to an arrangement with the aircraft’s owner, and the Global 5000 in the company’s fleet will add the service to its amenities in June. Free internet on all flights makes both the charter-friendly heavy business jets a great place to do business. 

Sales Director AJ Becker said the Legacy 600 has been one of Elite Air’s most reliable charter platforms over the years, and adding wi-fi will only up its value to its owner and the Elite Air charter fleet as a whole.

“The requests from independent customers and brokers alike for in-flight internet only continue to grow,” Becker said. “This enhancement takes a great long-range airplane like the Legacy and makes it even more desirable for our customers. We can’t wait to say the same about the Global.”

The wireless access in both planes is provided through Gogo LLC, which delivers wi-fi to more than 6,000 aircraft, including business jets and planes operated by Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, US Airways and Frontier Airlines. Elite Air assisted Gogo in 2013 in purchasing a Challenger 600 that the company uses to test its equipment and for research and development on new products.