Communications Department Creates New Management Proposal Package

The Elite Air communications department recently created a new information packet that describes its management services at a glance. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about what Elite Air can do for its clients, email for a copy of this six-page document.

“We have so many people come to us to discuss our management services and are willing to speak directly with each and every one of those prospective clients,” Elite Air Communications Director Shea Gibbs said. “But some aircraft owners want something in writing so they can see the benefits of our services in black and white. Now they can have that.”

The new and improved Elite Air Aircraft Management Proposal includes a summary of Elite Air’s services, a description of its industry leading management contract terms, an overview of the Elite Air team, and customer testimonials. A customized document has been developed for some of the most popular business jets in the world, and each can be further customized for interested parties.

“I’ve always believed our product speaks for itself,” Elite Air CEO Gray Gibbs said. “This is the latest documentation of that product, and we want as many people to see it as possible.”

Email to receive a customized Management Proposal today.

Email to receive a customized Management Proposal today.