Elite Air Completes Latest Argus Audit

Elite Air recently completed its biannual ARGUS certification audit and annual training program, this time through making several changes that CEO Gray Gibbs said were intended to make the proceeding more comprehensive.

“We tried to involve a greater number of people in each step of the process this year,” Gibbs said. “For example, instead of a traditional emergency response drill conducted by the people who would be involved, we went through the emergency response procedures step by step, with almost every member of the company included in the conference.”

In addition to its biannual third-party audit to ensure it meets the highest industry standards, Elite Air completes annual drills as part of its safety management system, which is not required for operations but is an industry best practice.

“This year, everyone was involved,” Gibbs said. “In addition to myself, our director of maintenance and our pilots, we brought in each of our dispatchers and our sales and accounting team—everyone. I thought it went very well, and our FAA consultant agreed.”

Elite Air has received platinum ARGUS certification following each of the audits it has completed since its founding in 2001. ARGUS International Inc., an aviation services company that provides a proprietary aircraft charter operator rating and due diligence program, extracts, filters and vets data on charter operators around the world to determine the best of the best. The company categorizes each charter operation it analyzes in one of five categories: not rated, does not qualify, gold, gold-plus or platinum. Fewer than 100 operations worldwide typically achieve the platinum certification on a year-to-year basis.