Lear 40 Owner Upgrades to Lear 75

Bombardier’s Learjet 75 offers nearly as much range as a midsize jet at light jet pricing.

Bombardier’s Learjet 75 offers nearly as much range as a midsize jet at light jet pricing.

One of Elite Air’s longest running owners has upgraded from a Learjet 40 to a Learjet 75, a revolutionary small midsize jet that can travel farther nonstop than any competitor.

“I might be biased since Lears were the first jets I flew back in the 90s, but this aircraft is truly remarkable,” Elite Air CEO Gray Gibbs said. “Its range, speed and overall performance are in a class we never thought we’d see in a light jet.”

The eight passenger jet, with a range of nearly 2,500 miles, is available for charter immediately out of Tampa International Airport.

“This is the type of aircraft I see customers looking for all the time,” Sales Director AJ Becker said. “People always want to fly nonstop, and this allows them to do so to more locations without jumping up to full midsize jet pricing.”

The Lear 75, which Bombardier launched in late 2013, is certified for operation at up to 51,000 feet and cruises at nearly 550 miles per hour. The aircraft broke a speed record in its class traveling round trip from New York to Los Angeles last year. By almost any measure, it is faster and has more range than any aircraft currently produced in its category.

The Lear 75’s Vision flight deck advanced navigation and communications capabilities have also made it one of the safest jets ever produced in the category, as the system decreases pilot workload and increases situational awareness. The jet offers best-in-class fuel efficiency and the first and only forward pocket door in the category. Finally, the Learjet 75’s carbon brakes allow access to shorter runways than ever before.

“We’re very excited to make this aircraft available to our charter customers,” Gibbs said. “Where the comfort and luxury of a heavy jet offers what a luxury sedan might, this is a high performance sports car.”