Elite Air Website Gets Facelift, Reorganization

If you find yourself here, you've likely already noticed a few changes to www.eliteair.com. The homepage now features a carousel of images that will be updated as new aircraft are added to the Elite Air charter certificate.

The site also features a newly organized news section, an updated “about” page and a password-protected page for Elite Air’s dispatchers. The dispatcher page will make Elite Air’s on-call dispatch team more capable than ever.

“We want our website to be an information engine for both our customers and our internal staff,” Elite Air Communications Coordinator Shea Gibbs said. “Not only should people be able to go to www.eliteair.com to do business with us, they should come away having learned something.”

Several more changes are on the horizon, Gibbs said. The news section is being organized into categories and will be searchable to make it more useful for those looking to learn more about Elite Air. And the company’s growing charter fleet soon will be organized by aircraft type to make it easier than ever to find a preferred jet or turboprop.

“As our company grows, it’s important that existing and prospective charter customers can quickly find the aircraft they’re looking for and book it immediately,” Gibbs said.