Lear 31 Has Interior and Exterior Refurb

The Lear 31A that started it all for Elite Air is now nearly unrecognizable, according to company CEO Gray Gibbs. “It’s hard to believe it’s the same airplane,” he said. “It looks like it’s brand new.”

Elite Air’s first Lear 31, a reliable, affordable light jet charter workhorse, was manufactured in 1996. The aircraft now has a new paint job, recovered seats, a new carpet, and new upholstery and wood throughout. The blue and gold color scheme on the airframe really makes it stand out on the ramp at its St. Pete-Clearwater homebase, Gibbs said.

“I think they did a fabulous job with this one,” he said. “This aircraft has been cared for by our maintenance department immaculately over the years. It’s just as safe now as the day it rolled off the line. It was high time we made it just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.”