New Location Pages Added to Website

Elite Air has added several new pages to its website intended to highlight its headquarters locations and common destinations. The pages provide information about popular cities, airports and FBOs in those locations and will help potential charter customers more easily find Elite Air aircraft.

“The charter business is all about location,” Elite Air Communications Director Shea Gibbs said. “People need to know where we are and when we’re there. These pages are informative and will help folks find us when they search for aircraft at a particular airport.”

Elite Air has grown quickly in the last several quarters, adding aircraft in a variety of locations and establishing a new headquarters in Houston, Texas. The new location pages are critical for keeping up with the growing fleet.

Elite Air redesigned its website several years ago to make it more responsive to customer needs, and customers have increasingly demanded more information about the charter and management company’s whereabouts.

“As our management fleet grows, we’re working harder and harder to improve our charter responsiveness,” Elite Air Sales Director AJ Becker said. “These pages are the first step in a long-term plan to increase our visibility, and we’re very excited about the future.”

Visit the new pages by clicking here.