5 Reasons Businesses and Families prefer to charter

Elite Air's customers have spoken—here are their top reasons for chartering private aircraft.

1 | Time & convenience


Time is money, and time is also about quality of life. Traditional commercial travel involves an inordinate amount of time inside airports—arrival 90 minutes prior to departure, at your gate 30 minutes before scheduled take off, lines at baggage, security, boarding, etc. Then there are the mechanical problems, weather issues and other delays, not to mention connecting flights and additional travel to arrive at your actual destination. Whether it's a business trip or vacation travel, these are hours that could be spent furthering your corporate interests or sightseeing with your family.

Chartering private aircraft allows you to arrive at the airport when you want, even minutes before your departure, without having to bother with security. You can also travel closer to your intended destination by flying into one of 5,000 smaller U.S. airports or tens of thousands of destinations globally.

"There is no question flying privately is a whole lot more convenient than going commercially, and it lets you get places you otherwise can’t," said Blaine Sweatt, a frequent Elite Air charter customer.

2 | Flexibility

In a fast-paced world where schedules are in a state of constant flux, flexibility is vital. Business travelers and vacationers alike often need to make last minute itinerary changes. But even for first class travelers, commercial airliners are inflexible—the airplane is not going to wait for an unscheduled doctor's visit or for your team to finish and deliver an important proposal.

According to Elite Air client Gary Damkoehler, when he and his family wanted to travel to Agra, India, the trip was almost canceled altogether, as the city did not have a commercial airport. But an exception was made for his private flight. “They opened the terminal just for us,” he said.

When you charter a flight, the aircraft is yours. You can stay a few extra days at a vacation house, let business meetings run overtime when necessary, all without constantly worrying about missing or changing flights.

3 | Safety

Elite Air boasts the highest possible safety rating issued by ARGUS International: Platinum. And what does that Platinum rating mean? ARGUS audits the charter operation, pilots and aircraft and reviews all relevant records, including incident reports. Operators with a safety history equal to or better than their peers are provided with an ARGUS Gold Rating. Through an additional on-site operational audit, the operator can achieve the highest accreditation available through an independent, unbiased third party—the ARGUS Platinum rating. Elite Air's Platinum rating reveals to its charter customers the company is a world-class aviation leader, particularly when it comes to safety.

4 | Privacy & other Accommodations

Privacy is a valued commodity for all of Elite Air's guests. Customers who desire greater anonymity during travel and corporate teams discussing confidential information can rest assured all of Elite Airs crews and dispatchers are bound by law not to divulge customer information. In addition to privacy, Elite Air simplifies travel by accommodating travelers with pets or unusual baggage. When was the last time you brought your holiday turkey through a TSA checkpoint?

5 | Luxury & Quality of Service

Time, convenience, flexibility, safety, privacy—these are all luxuries not available when flying commercial airlines, even in business class.

But the luxury of private air travel goes further. First, there's comfort. Even on Elite Air's smaller aircraft, seat size and leg room are unrivaled. Midsize and heavy aircraft offer ample room to walk around or recline on sofa-style seating. In addition, seating can often be converted into fully flat beds for long trips or late-night travel.

Elite Air offers the finest food and beverage service available, and if you have special dietary needs, they can all be met in advance of your flight. 

Every customer is unique, and your Elite Air flight crew members recognize this individuality. Furthermore, they are trained and prepared to meet your onboard needs, however unique they may be.

If you would like to learn more about Elite Air's charter services and how they can improve upon your corporate or vacation experience, we invite you to browse our aircraft, fill out our simple form to determine the aircraft best suited to your needs, or contact Elite Air directly by phone or email.